WordPress 6.4: An Advanced, Intuitive Building Experience

Prepare for exciting times as WordPress users! The WordPress 6.4 update is live, featuring enhancements and striking features to try out. Experience a faster, smoother website while showcasing your images in a refreshing way. Let’s dive into what this new release has to offer!

Enhancements and Fixes

This update isn’t merely about new features; it’s also about refining existing ones. WordPress 6.4 comes with bug fixes for better performance and stability, ensuring an enhanced, seamless WordPress experience for both developers and casual users.

Meet Twenty Twenty-Four: A New Default Theme

Say hello to the stylish new face of WordPress, the Twenty Twenty-Four theme. This addition furnishes your website with a modern, clean look. Whether you’re giving your existing site a makeover or starting afresh, this theme will certainly enthuse you!

The new theme incorporates an array of patterns and templates. They are designed to cater to diverse use cases like small business owners, artists, and bloggers, facilitating rapid page building. Even if your website doesn’t fit these categories, the theme offers you alluring options to craft engaging and visually pleasing pages.

Improved Block Editor

The block editor continues its evolution journey with enhancements aiming at an intuitive building experience. From the renaming of group blocks in the list view to introducing background images for group blocks, these enhancements render a streamlined content creation process.

Notably, the new update allows users to categorize block patterns, thanks to a feature prompted in the 6.3 version. New options for vertical text for paragraphs, headings, links, and footnotes have also been integrated, given they’re enabled by the theme.

Lightbox for Images

Realizing that visuals are pivotal in narrating compelling stories, WordPress 6.4 debuts the lightbox feature. It allows your images to be displayed in an enlarged format upon clicking, providing an immersive visual experience without compromising content space.

Renaming Group Blocks & More

Unleash better organization skills with the newly introduced feature that lets you rename group blocks directly in the list view. This development allows efficient management and identification, leading to a more swift building process.

Background Images for Group Blocks

Show off your creative flair with this new feature that permits you to set background images for your group blocks. It’s the perfect trick to creating spectacular hero sections, banners, or adding a creative punch to other page segments.

Developer Tools Galore

Developers brace for an influx of tools designed to make your coding journey smoother. From advanced block hooks to customizable typography controls, WordPress 6.4 is poised to enhance your development capabilities.

The NoFollow Link Setting

The advanced link settings welcome a new addition – “Mark as nofollow”. It’s accessible via a text block (like a paragraph), followed by adding the link through the block toolbar.

Embrace WordPress 6.4

Packed with features aimed to upgrade usability, aesthetic appeal, and developer tools, WordPress 6.4 is here to dramatically improve your digital experience. We encourage you to update and dig into the new WordPress.

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