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Hi there, my name is Andras. I am web developer who likes to create high-quality WordPress plugins, and Javascript apps.

Featured Plugin

My main project that I am currently working on.

PixMagix Photo Editor

Advanced photo editor plugin for WordPress media images. Add filters, adjust brightness and contrast, crop and resize images, add text, and much more. Overall, PixMagix is a powerful tool for anyone looking to take their website’s visual content to the next level.

Premium Plugins on CodeCanyon

You can buy the following plugins on CodeCanyon. You get free updates, and six months support for these plugins.


WPFancyTables – Pricing Table Builder For WordPress is a fully customizable, and easy to use pricing table plugin, that allows you to build unique, and modern pricing plans, and comparison tables to help your customers to find the best deal.


WPCollageMagic – Photo Collage Builder For WordPress is the next generation of image gallery plugins. The drag-and-drop visual builder gives you unlimited possibilities to create photo galleries with any complex layout.

WPCollageMagic brings a revolutionary system that makes your designs more flexible, while keep them looking properly on any devices. It’s all thanks to relative dimensioning, (using percentage units) and absolute positioned css layout model.


WPRembrant – Media Image Editor For WordPress is more than just a simple image editor plugin. With the intuitive HTML5 canvas based user interface, you can not only manipulate your existing media images, but also create anything whatever you want from logos to banners, or eye-catching featured images and export it to media library.


WPGraphicator is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool which allows you to create stunning SVG animations for your WordPress website.

Adding motion graphics to a website is a great idea if we want to get attention of our customers or visitors. SVG is one of the best solution to this, because this is an XML-based file format just like HTML, so you can embed this to websites as well as it can be animated well. But creating and animating SVG and then embedding it in a website is not always easy, you need to write a lot of code and spend a lot of time to build complex animation keyframes. WPGraphicator comes with an alternative solution that lets you make SVG animations from WordPress admin dashboard in minutes, and allows them to be easily managed, and published on your website.

This plugin provides you a beautiful and advanced html5 canvas based editing interface with which you can implement any ideas, whether you want to design an animated logo or create eye-catching advertising banners.

Free Online Apps

Online editors, and applications. Really free, no registration, no installation required, just go and use it!

Texture Generator

Using Procedural texture generator, you can create beautiful textures and patterns and download it in png format, right from your browser.

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